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Tips of baby clothing

Baby homewear :

also referred to as rompers, baby jumpsuits, are divided into three styles— Left Buckling Rompers, Middle Buckling Rompers and Split Rompers.
Left Buckling Rompers (0-3 months)
Adopts a strap design to protect the baby's navel from cold, and ensures appropriate pressure on the navel; comes in several sizes for babies.
Middle Buckling Rompers (3-24 months)
The design has an inclined front opening/opposite placket with button, making it more convenient to dress/undress babies.
Split Rompers (3-24 months)
Compared with other styles, Split Rompers gives babies enough freedom to crawl and learn to walk.
Suits & Removable Pants (over 6 months)
The size ranges from 73 cm to 120 cm. As babies over 6 months old grow more active, and over 12 month-old babies have a growth spurt and start doing things on their own, the style is closer to that of adults. With the split-type clothing, babies can try to dress/undress themselves on their own.
After the baby reaches 12 months of age, and is involved in more social activities such as the full moon ceremony, birthday parties and holiday parties, it's the perfect time for them to try out more formal and elegant attire. Preparing a suite of clothes is a smart choice.
In the summer heat, it is better for babies to wear in light and breathable outerwear that facilitate their movement. Whereas on cold winter days, it is better to dress babies with proper inner and outerwear, to protect them from the cold and keep them warm when they go out.

Outer Clothing

Round caps for newborn babies and outdoor hats. Sizes range from 36–54 cm (0-5 years old). 36 cm is ideal for newborn babies.
Mainly divided into soft and comfortable pre-walking booties (0-1 years old), toddler shoes with moderately hard soles (1-2 years old) and breathable and wear-resistant children's shoes (2-6 years old).
The amount babies drool starts to increase by the time they are at 3-4 months old, and increases significantly by the time they are 5-6 months old. Babies drool such a lot because their mouths are still quite small and have less space, thus it is best to use bibs as they are not only sanitary, but also easy to clean.
Size ranges from 7.5–17 cm; suitable for newborns and children up to 5 years of age.